Erin Whidden: The KKK vs. Islamic Terrorism

    If you get into political debates as often as I do, you’ve probably heard a liberal bring up the Ku Klux Klan when discussing terrorism and the groups that carry it out. The argument is that Muslims are not the only group to carry out terrorism, which is true, however, anyone with basic knowledge of current events and history can see that it is ignorant to compare the KKK to Islamic terrorist groups.

    Let me begin by first making it clear that I am in no way defending the KKK or any of its beliefs. Just because I don’t see the KKK as much of a dangerous threat in this day and age does not mean that I am not also completely

against the group. Any group that seeks to terrorize and bring harm to others is wrong and should be condemned.

    Anyway, anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense should be able to see that in 2017, and really for the past couple of decades, Islamic terror groups pose the biggest threat to the Western world. In 2017 alone, there have been 575 terror attacks, killing a total of 3,932 people. It’s only June. I think at this point, we’ve all become fairly desensitized to these events, but if that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then I don’t know what will. That should be seen as a clear and obvious issue.

    The KKK, on the other hand, has not killed as many people in its entire existence than Islamic terrorists have in half a year. Over an 86-year span, the 150-year old KKK was responsible for 3,446 (known) deaths. Islamic terrorists have killed more people in a mere 6 months. The last recorded murder carried out by the KKK was a lynching in 1981. Islamic terrorists are likely taking innocent lives as I’m typing this article.

    Obviously, any murder by any terrorist group is horrendous and wrong, but this is an apples to oranges comparison. Yes, both are terror groups, but one has and is still carrying out far more harm than the other. I’ll also add that the KKK has carried out its terror mainly in the southern United States, but Islamic terrorists are carrying out their terror globally. Look at the middle east. Look at Europe.

    Liberals also try to push the idea that the KKK is a Christian terror group. The KKK may claim that they are a “Christian” group, but their beliefs, teachings, and actions do not align with the teachings of Jesus Christ (whether you see Him as the Messiah or simply a historical figure). Jesus taught His followers to love their enemies, to not hate others, to have compassion, to forgive others, and to generally be kind human beings. The beliefs, teachings, and actions of Islamic terror groups do, however, align with the teachings of Muhammed. Muhammed, who enjoyed raping women, marrying 6 year olds (his own niece), pillaging villages, and killing people, taught his followers to kill infidels where they can find them, to specifically kill Jews and Christians, that they are guaranteed 72 virgins to carry out their perverted sexual fantasies with if they die in the service of Allah, that barbaric cruelty is ok as long as it is carried out against infidels, pedophilia is ok, slavery is ok, rape is ok, robbery is ok, beating your wife is ok- I could go on but I think you get the point.

    Islamic terrorists, in case you haven’t noticed, are doing a fine job of following in Muhammed’s footsteps and obeying his barbaric, disgusting, and purely evil teachings. Once again, the KKK, though horrible, can’t really be compared to Islamic terrorism. While Europe basically puts a gun to its head for the sake of multiculturalism and political correctness, here in America we need to be smarter. Islam is equivalent to a disease; let’s not let this disease spread here to America the way it has in Europe. The job of our government is to protect, serve, and look out for the best interests of its citizens, and letting Islamic immigrants into this country is NOT the way to do that.