Welcome to the OFFICIAL Typical Liberal website, store, and forum!

To all of my fans, its about time y'all got a real website from me. On thetypicalliberal.net , you'll be able to shop for all your favorite gear that I sell, see my opinion on current events, learn about me, and also have your own discussion forum. YUGE. I want each and everyone of you to head on over to the forum and start introducing yourselves, writing your personal opinion on current events, and engaging with your fellow right wingers. The purpose of the forum is for everyone to be able to open their minds up to one another in any way they'd like. Speak freely. I will be keeping tabs on all the forum posts to see your personal input and learn about my following better. I will be engaging with everyone I can. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or praises, please email me at thetypicalliberal@gmail.com