TheUnapologeticPatriot: When the Right becomes the Left

    “Racist!”, “Bigot!”, “Xenophobe!”, “Homophobe!” We’ve all heard these buzzwords come from a leftist’s mouth at some point over the past couple of years. These words are typically used as an escape tactic for leftists who lack the intellectual capacity to engage in meaningful debate. Trust me when I say that if you are in a debate with a leftist and they start using these buzzwords, you have won. Another tactic used by the left is flat out censorship. We’ve seen countless conservative and right-leaning speakers be silenced at college

campuses around the United States. We’ve seen Pro-Trump marches be disrupted by radical leftists who believe that their ideology is the only ideology that should be practiced and heard. This ladies and gentlemen is textbook fascism. However, the point of this article is to not go into detail about the left and their slimy tactics. The point of this article is to shed some light on a growing trend that has developed on the right, the censorship and shunning of dissenting opinions.

    This trend really all started with the Alt-Right movement and has slowly moved its way throughout the rest of the Right-Wing. For me, (some, not all) alt-righters are just as bad as leftists when it comes to differing opinions. For example, I have stated in my Instagram Story that the white nationalist movement is a cancer to the right wing and is doing nothing but harm to our cause. Not two minutes after I posted that my inbox is flooded with at least fifty messages all containing the Alt-Right’s favorite buzzword, “Cuck”. For me, when (as an alt-righter) you preach against the left and their use of buzzwords in debate and you turn around and use buzzwords of your own, you are being wildly hypocritical. Another example would be when I posted onto my page that I don’t believe that we should be policing the world and should stay out of war when at all possible (besides fighting ISIS). Not an hour afterwards my comments section was filled with “Isolationist Cuck!”, “Zionist shill!”, “Cuck!”, “Cuck!” This trend amongst alt-righters is very troublesome and needs to be put to rest soon. However, this trend does not stop at the Alt-Right, it has seeped into the rest of the right, especially the traditionalist conservative sect of the right.

    The most recent example of people on the right censoring and shunning dissenting opinions came in the form of the Tomi Lahren controversy. On March 17th, 2017 Tomi made an appearance on the notoriously left-wing talk show The View during which she came out as pro-choice. Seemingly within minutes, conservatives on social media were in a frenzy calling for Tomi to be fired from her job at The Blaze. Now where have we seen this before? Oh that’s right, the left does this type of thing all the time. Instead of actually listening to what Tomi had to say, far right traditionalists immediately adopted the leftist tactic of demanding that she be silenced and fired for having the wrong opinion. But sadly, it seems that some people on the right have thrown the first amendment out the window when it comes to differing opinions.

    It is Tomi’s first amendment right to have her own opinion. It is also your first amendment right to disagree with her. However, nowhere in the constitution does it say that if you disagree with someone’s opinion you can silence them. In Tomi’s most recent Facebook upload, one of the top comments read “True conservatives don't approve of killing innocent babies!” This is statement is unfounded. What these people fail to realize is that Tomi didn’t come out as pro-abortion, in fact she has said in countless interviews and speeches (one of which I was in attendance for) since that she is still adamantly anti-abortion. She simply meant that as a limited government conservative, she wants to be consistent in her views.  Whether you agree with what’s being said or not, free speech is free speech and when you start shutting down someone else’s free speech because you disagree with them, then it becomes an issue. Our First Amendment rights are at the core of what makes this nation great and it is troublesome to see people on the right throwing them out the window. We on the right need to be the ones defending the constitution because if we don’t, then no one will.